Karmen Mar is a Slovenian chess player, Woman International Master. She holds the record of the youngest Slovenian International Chess Master. A record she achieved at 16 years of age. 

Karmen’s Impeccable Record

  • the 3rd place on the Slovenian woman championship in 2002.
  • Slovenian youth champion in 1999 (G-12), in 2000 (G-14) and in 2005 (G-18)
  • Slovenian youth vice-champion in 2001 (G-14) and in 2003 (G-16)
  • the 14th place on the European Youth Chess Championship in 2001 (G-14)
  • the 22nd place on the World Youth Chess Championship in 1999 (G-12)
  • the 23rd place on the World Youth Championship in 2004 (G-18)
  • the 1st place on the Mitropa Team Cup in 2005

Karmen Mar played for the Slovenian Olympic team in 35th Chess Olympiad in Bled

Here is Karmen doing an impression of Queen’s Gambit star Beth Harmon from when she first started playing chess. 

Now She is a dedicated chess trainer, Master and player. 

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